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Ed Who ?
If you don't know me, then never mind. You may know me or have known, but are not sure.
My name is Ed Maher, I was born and raised in Worcester, UK. I studied at the
Royal Grammar School Worcester 1986-1994, the University of Birmingham 1994-1998, and have been working at Misys Securities Trading Systems ( formerly ACT Financial Systems Ltd ) in Birmingham 1999-now. If all of that means nothing, then you probably don't know me. If it does mean something me.

Are you Ed Maher ?
Please contact me, tell me who you are, send me a link to your personal web page. Google finds over 800 references to "Ed Maher", I'd like to hear from some.

Recruitment agencies, headhunters
If you have an offer, have a look at the
online cv, and . I am always interested to hear what's available.

What's New
09 October 2002 - Progress ! Added holding page for software, first thought, and some friends.

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