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Here are links to pages about people it's been my priveledge to know at some time or another.

Simon Perry
Simon is an interesting guy, a skilled and experienced software developer by trade, a good cook, and a talented photographer. Simon has an ever-increasing collection of PDAs. I met Simon while working at Misys. You can learn more about Simon and view some of his photographs on his website

Stephanie Quappe
Stef is a very thoughtful intelligent woman who is running her own business teaching others her wisdom, I met Stef when she moved to Birmingham to study for her MBA at Birmingham University. Stef doesn't have her own website at the moment, probably because she is far to busy, but you can learn more about her here. ( the picture on the webpage could be better )

Simon M
I met Simon at Birmingham University where he established a career as a DJ while studying for a degree in software engineering. By the time he left Birmingham he was the DJ of choice for many University events, and had also played at several city clubs and the University radio station. Simon has a good sense of humor, but don't mention the fruities. Find out more about Simon on his website

There are many others, not many of them have enough time to appear on net, some of which I havent spoken to for many years, including Martin Dyde, Steve Bailes, Tom Lewis, Lawrence Pepper, Wai Tsang Andy Fenn, Richard Cook, Tony Hosford, and more

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